Monday, April 30, 2012

Storm vs Flash a battle for first place

Saturday Night  May 5th 5:00pm  face off time  Santa Clarita Storm will face San Diego Flash in a battle for first place and to keep their undefeated record in tact . Who will it be the Storm 2-2-0 with 8 points or the
San Diego Flash 3-1-0 with 10 points. A win for the Storm means they can leap over the Flash in to first by a point.. A win for the Flash means they keep there undefeated record and spread some breathing room between them and the Storm a commanding 5 point spread. Means a lot to both teams, don't miss the action , come be a part of this one. Saturday  May 5th. 5pm San Diego Del Norte High School Stadium

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shaxton scored first in 2-2 tie.

Matthew Shaxton no. 17 Midfielder
Thousand Oaks, California - April 28th  - The Storm on the road maintain there undefeated record with a tie against F.C. Hasental of Thousand Oaks. with scoring in the 28th and 65th minute the storm took a two nothing lead, and then after a Red card issued to Storms Alex Harlley in the 56th min. Hasental was able to come back with two and tie the score for one point each.  Storm now 2-2-0 record for 8points in the South West Conference Hasental with a 1-1-2 record and 4 points.
 Its was warm at the Stadium on Cal Lutheran University campus where the Storm faced F.C. Hasental of Thousand Oaks for the first time this season. Its took the Storms offensive attack 28minutes to get passed the off side trap that Hasental was using to hold down the Storm. But in the27th minute of play the Storm did just that broke thought the Hasental defense and Defender
 Derek Dodrill received a pass from Harlley from the corner on the right side of the net the ball was
 crossing the mouth of the goal when Dodrill tapped it in. But somehow the officials see it as off sides and called back the goal. One minute later Harlley again came down the right side with the ball and at the 18 yard line seen teammate Matthew Shaxton and laid the ball to his feet and Matt quickly put it to the back of the net. No dispute on this one the Storm where up by one.

Alex Harlley Forward NO. 14
In the second half the Storm continued to pressure the defensive line of the Hasental team and in the 56th minute Alex Harlley again had the ball and from behind a Hasental defender pushing on Harlley and as he pushed back the sideline Referee waived his flag and called the center official over and then out came a Red card. The Storm continued their attack in the 62nd min. the Storms Wayne Lampart who was a substitute and came in to the game in the 51st minute carried the ball down the left side line passed though a crowd of defenders to Matthew Shaxton, Matt in turned looped a pass in the air and Tyler Coombes the teams leading scorer got his head on it and put the ball in the net.
The Hasental then took advantage of the Storm being a man down and put on an attack that wasn't there the whole game and manged to catch up to the Storm with two goals in the second half.
 The Storm will travel next week to San Diego to face the San Diego Flash. 2-1-0 as of today.
Game Line.
shots  SCS-10 FCH-11
Saves SCS-9 FCH- 8
Fouls SCS-5 FCH-5
Goals SCS 2 Shaxton, Coombes, FCH- 2 , names not Av.
Cautions - Coombes Yellow, Harrley RED

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Soccer Saturday Action

Robbie Gouk defends the ball vs Rangers
                    Tonight Saturday April 28th at Cal Lutheran University in Semi Valley 6pm 
    Storm is holding on to first place and F.C. Hasental try's to end the unbeaten streak of the Storm
If you can't make it to the game watch FCSC Storm Facebook page of updates. As Alex Harlley,  Tyler           Coombes and Steven Martines the top point scores on the team fight to hold on to first place.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Storm moves in Undefeated.

Alex Harlley
Saturday, April 21st. The Storm coming off a 9-1 route over Phoenix Monsoons last week , they wanted to be careful not to be over confident, especially facing the Fullerton Rangers who controlled them in a 5-0 loss in the Open Cup Qualifier last month. But since last month this is a whole new team and a new coach. So the ones that got caught off guard was the Rangers who where handed there first lost since last  month and the Storm washed out first place for  he Fullerton team. Going in to Saturdays game the Rangers  where 2-0-0 and the Storm 1-1-0 both undefeated and just 2 points separated the two.
The Storm however came in the game with the highest goals scored  in the Southern Division of the Western Conference 11 in just two games.
Right off the start the Storm showed the visitors the new more powerful scoring team as Storms highest goal scorer and last weeks NPSL Player of the game Tyler Coombes off a corner delivered by Stephen Martines  headed a beauty passed the flat footed keeper Johnny Hernandez to put the storm on top in just three minutes in to the game. The Storm continued to press and in the 27th minute Matt Shaxton had control of the ball and looked for Harlley who was the the right sideline 22 yards out and delivered a perfect pass to the foot of Harlley and with one touch got his foot under it and to the back of the net it went, for a 2-0 lead .The Storm controlled the game with a few threats from the visitors but the Storm easily held the Rangers for the 2-0 win and collected  3 points and took over the top undefeated spot on the South West Conference.
Game summary   Alex Harlley Player of the Game on his 22 yard shot for the goal in the 27th minute.
Goals : Tyler Coombes 3min. Alex Harlley 27th minute 
Assist :  Stephen Martinez and Matthew Shaxton
Steven Rodriguez Gk 7 saves clean sheet.
shots 15
corners 8
Goals 0
Shots 11
corners 3
Goalkeepers Johny Hernandez 2 saves 2  GA
Anthony Flores 2 save 0GA  

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tyler Coombes takes Player of the Game Honors

Tyler Coombes 
Midfielder Tyler Coombes is awarded player of the game for his performance Saturday night April 14th against the Phoenix Monsoons. Coombes scored 5 goals with three of the five unassisted.
The player of the game is voted on by the coach each game and then forwarded to the National Premier Soccer Leagues administrator and it is evaluated with the other teams in the league and at that point the League office appoints one player of the game in the league.  keep checking the NPSL website for the winner the this award. 

Monsoon Over Taken by Storm

It was the first game for the new head coach Jose Meza after joining the team just two weeks ago. Unable to attend last weeks 2-2 tie with
Boca for personal reasons, Meza wanted to make sure his new team came away with a victory , and that they did. However it was only three minutes in to the games that the visiting Monsoons caught the Strom off guard and on their heels as they took an early 1-0 lead as
Tyler Coombes-Midfielder
Monsoon's Cesar Meyica broke through the Strom's defense and slipped in an unexpected shot to pick up the first goal of the game. It wasn't very long after that when the Storm moved in, and just 3 minutes later began the downpour, as the Storm scored 9 unanswered goals to win 9 - 1 to open 2012 up at home!
  Storm Captain Stephen Martines helped open up the scoring  barrage as he collected the ball in midfield and put a though pass to the feet of Tyler Coombes who quickly evened the score up at one. That was all your F.C.S.C Storm needed as they started to take it to the Monsoon with a non-stop,fifteen minute attack that allowed defender Robbie Gouk to receive the ball in the Storm's defensive zone and carry the ball 30 yards and make a clear pass to midfielder Andres Bueno, who then turned and carried it to the left of the     
 Monsoon goal keeper Charles Pratt, and fired a rocket that he could not catch; giving the Strom a one goal lead. Only one minute later it was Defender Robbie Gouk again took the ball up the center of the field, and battled his way through  the Monsoon defense with only enough room to reach out with his right leg and get a strong enough pass to teammate Martin Galvan who looped it over the head of  Pratt and tallied a third goal for the Storm.
David Garcia - Keeper
Tyler Coombes came back with two more goals in the half to collect the hat trick. The second half picked up right where the first left off with Tyler Coombes picking up another unassisted goal in the 53rd minute, and yet another in the 64th minute behind Andres Bueno who picked up his second on the night. In the 59th minute Captain Stephen Martines would gather his second goal of the season and an assist. Nine goals seven assist 13 shots in all for the Storm. The only real look at the game for the Monsoon after the goal in the third minute was a penalty kick that was awarded to them in the 74th minute of play after Storm defender Damian Martin committed a foul in the box. However Storm Keeper David Garcia, who replaced starter Steven Rodriguez at half time, came up big and stopped the penalty kick, for the only save of the half.

Next Match: Saturday April 21st the Storm will take on the Fullerton Rangers at Valencia High School in a 6pm match. This will be an exciting game as the Storm will attempt to redeem themselves from the loss they took in the Open Cup Qualifier two weeks ago against the Rangers. Tickets available on line at  or at the gate, gates open at 5:00 pm

Friday, April 13, 2012

Saturday night Storm or Monsoon Canyon High 6pm

                             YOUR ALL INVITED

Don't miss the Santa Clarita Storm Home Opener as they welcome the Phoenix Monsoon for the first time. 
 the Monsoons are looking for their first point of the new season and the Storm will be looking to add four. 
Catch all the action Gates Open at 5pm  Youth Players (14 and under) wear your team uniform and get in FREE. 
Sponsored by Penny Lane the official Foundation of the Santa Clarita Storm. 
 See Midfielder Matthew Shaxton, Defender Derek Drodrill, Tyler Coombes Alex Harlley and all of the team tomorrow night come and be a part of it.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Captian Stephen Martines Player of the Game.

Captain Stephen Martines was player of the game Saturday in the 2-2 tie with the San Diego Boca With a goal and an assist. Stephen besides Captain of the Storm is an accomplished Actor and recording artist. Stephen battled for the ball in the 32nd minute in side the 6 yard line and punched a shot the skated along the goal line pass the unexpected keeper to the far post. .In the first minute and a half of the game Stephen in Midfield made an excellent pass in to Alex Harlley who had no trouble placing a shot to the back of the net that gave the Storm a 1-0 lead just a minute plus in the game. 
 Captain Stephen Martines
Next weekend April 14th Canyon High 6:00pm  catch Stephen and the rest of the Storm in action against the Phoenix Monsoon. Come be a part of all the action as the Storm moves in to the Western Conference of the National Premier Soccer League. www.fcscprosoccer .com for the schedule of all our games. 

Storm Settles for a tie in Season Open with the San Diego Boca

                                       2             2
National Premier Soccer Leagues                                                                     
Santa Clarita Storm 2
San Diego Boca 2
Despite a 2-0 lead  by the 32 minute mark the dominating possession  for most of the game the last 25 minute is what counted.  Storms Alex Harlley (who is the Nephew of EPL player Emmanual  Adebayor ) picked up a pass from forward Stephen Martines  minute and a half in, from outside the 18 slapped a shot to the far post past the unexacting keeper Steve Gonzalez.  then just 30 minutes later while battling  for control within the 6 yard line  Storms Forward and Captain Stephen Martines took a turn and fired the ball along the goal line and caught the far post to put the Storm up by 2. in the 65 minute Storms defender Robbie Gouk fouled Boca's Juan Bernal and on the plenty kick the Boca came within one.
Then the possession  changed that seemed to spark the lack of play the Boca seem to have to that point and started controlling the ball something they had problems with all game. The SD Boca started controlling most of the possession by the  80th minute, and in extra time with a minute left Boca's Juan Bernal got his second goal of the game on a restart from the 18 and placed it above the Strom's keeper Steven Rodriguez. The Boca with an excellent come back split points in the season opener with there competition from the North in Santa Clarita
Storm keeper Steven Rodriguez with 6 saves
Boca keeper Steve Gonzalez with 2 saves
Storm 3 Cautions
Boca with 4 Cautions
Storm 12 fouls
Boca 13 fouls,.
 Storms player of the game Captain Steven Martines with a goal and an assist.
 Boca's  player of the game Juan Bernal. with two goals one the tying game saver in stoppage time.