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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shaxton scored first in 2-2 tie.

Matthew Shaxton no. 17 Midfielder
Thousand Oaks, California - April 28th  - The Storm on the road maintain there undefeated record with a tie against F.C. Hasental of Thousand Oaks. with scoring in the 28th and 65th minute the storm took a two nothing lead, and then after a Red card issued to Storms Alex Harlley in the 56th min. Hasental was able to come back with two and tie the score for one point each.  Storm now 2-2-0 record for 8points in the South West Conference Hasental with a 1-1-2 record and 4 points.
 Its was warm at the Stadium on Cal Lutheran University campus where the Storm faced F.C. Hasental of Thousand Oaks for the first time this season. Its took the Storms offensive attack 28minutes to get passed the off side trap that Hasental was using to hold down the Storm. But in the27th minute of play the Storm did just that broke thought the Hasental defense and Defender
 Derek Dodrill received a pass from Harlley from the corner on the right side of the net the ball was
 crossing the mouth of the goal when Dodrill tapped it in. But somehow the officials see it as off sides and called back the goal. One minute later Harlley again came down the right side with the ball and at the 18 yard line seen teammate Matthew Shaxton and laid the ball to his feet and Matt quickly put it to the back of the net. No dispute on this one the Storm where up by one.

Alex Harlley Forward NO. 14
In the second half the Storm continued to pressure the defensive line of the Hasental team and in the 56th minute Alex Harlley again had the ball and from behind a Hasental defender pushing on Harlley and as he pushed back the sideline Referee waived his flag and called the center official over and then out came a Red card. The Storm continued their attack in the 62nd min. the Storms Wayne Lampart who was a substitute and came in to the game in the 51st minute carried the ball down the left side line passed though a crowd of defenders to Matthew Shaxton, Matt in turned looped a pass in the air and Tyler Coombes the teams leading scorer got his head on it and put the ball in the net.
The Hasental then took advantage of the Storm being a man down and put on an attack that wasn't there the whole game and manged to catch up to the Storm with two goals in the second half.
 The Storm will travel next week to San Diego to face the San Diego Flash. 2-1-0 as of today.
Game Line.
shots  SCS-10 FCH-11
Saves SCS-9 FCH- 8
Fouls SCS-5 FCH-5
Goals SCS 2 Shaxton, Coombes, FCH- 2 , names not Av.
Cautions - Coombes Yellow, Harrley RED

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