Saturday, December 31, 2011


Storm player Alan Benavente battles Against Chivas Guadalajara
 FUTBOL CLUB SANTA CLARITA  "STORM "  is continuously looking for top talented players men 18 and over that have the desire and dream to play PROFESSIONAL  Soccer. We are looking for players that believe they have the talent, passion, desire to play at the highest level in the sport.  Players that wish to compete against the top talent in North America and can dedicate  themselves to their career in soccer contact us at

Friday, December 30, 2011


Teams Interested in being apart of the action contact us at

Storms Miguel Ibarra Among the top Slections for the MLS Super Draft.

Miguel Ibarra Midfielder
Miguel Ibarra; one of the elite in United States college soccer and top point collector with F.C.S.C
- in reference to when they previously played in the Antelope Valley with both the United Soccer Leagues, under The "Lancaster Rattlers" and also as The "Rattlers F.C." out of Palmdale in their inagural season
in the National Primer Soccer Leagues. . . (+

Storm looks to Re-sign Alex Harelly Star Player from Togo Africa

Alex Harelly of Togo Africa
      Santa Clarita, California - Santa Clarita Storm, the relocated Rattlers F.C. from the Antelope Valley, has been preparing for the up coming season. The Storm held tryouts in September and has been inviting players to camp ever since. The Storm now fields approximately 34 players at training,
and only has about six returning players from last year. With a couple still in college and the possible loss of Miguel Ibarra who was honored with receiving All American from U.C.I and was nominated into the M.L.S Super Draft. The Storm are seeking to secure Alex Harley for his second season. Alex is one
of the youngest, most talent midfielders in Southern California to play in the National Premier Soccer League, & is the Nephew of the English Premier League star of Tottenham Emmanuel Adehayor. Alex who just arrived in the United States from Togo, Africa in February of 2010, currently lives in Rosamond California in the Antelope Valley with his father Kodjo Harelly who came to America many years before when Alex was only two for a better life.

      In Togo, if you want an education you have to pay for it yourself directly. This was a problem
for Alex's mother who he lived with in Togo. Even with the financial support of his father, Alex was
continuously missing school. When he wasn't in school Alex was playing soccer & honing his skills with
the ball. Alex's father brought him to the United States in February of 2010 to provide for him the
same better life he came to the U.S for. However, when Alex came to the U.S he was unaware of the
challenges ahead. Due to the inability for him to be in school consistently in Togo, Alex was forced to
start school as a sophomore, despite being 17 years old. As well, Alex did not speak very good English
and would struggle for two years to get acquainted with the language, but with the help of his coach
Anthony Ramos and proper tutoring Alex is a now a fine student and an even better player. A star at
Rosamond High School, Alex has scored 14 goals for his team and is leading the league for the second
year in a row. In his first year Alex won the M.V.P and the Golden Boot (most goals scored) award.
"Alex is a player of character as well"; said Gerald Brunner, C.E.O of the Santa Clarita Storm. “He has
the personality that people just like being around. He takes things very serious in the game and he is
a great team player. Nevertheless, off the field he is as mellow as a person can be. He is very
intelligent as well. That is one of the reasons this kid is overcoming all these challenges in his life."
Brunner went on to say; “At the end of last year's season we sent Alex to our pro affiliate F.C. New
York, and after the first day of drills and scrimmages the head coach Paul Shaw called me to say;
“where did you find this kid? He is amazing! Not only can he play but he can think as he is doing so”.
New York wanted to offer Alex a contract to play their 2012 season in, but his father stuck to his
belief of what he brought Alex here for and said, “You have to get an education first”.  Out of
respect for his father and his father's wishes, Alex turned down the offer. "He will write his own
ticket and pick the team he wants to play with" said F.C.S.C CEO Gerald Brunner. The Santa Clarita
Storm must wait until February when his high school season is over then he will be able to join the
team in training in Santa Clarita's Central Park.

Monday, August 15, 2011

F.C. S.C. try outs

F.C.S.C. will hold tryouts in Santa Clarita for the 2012 season. F.C.S.C. is looking for males 18 years of age or older with a desire to play professional soccer. F.C.S.C. is a feeder team for F.C. New York of the US Soccer Federation Pro Leagues. We look for talented individuals who have the desire and passion to play at the higher level. We are holding try outs in September on the 17th and 18th 4pm to 8pm on Saturday and Sunday.
Interested individuals with the desire, passion and time to dedicate  to the team  and the program are welcome to apply,. Applications and wavers with instructions can be found at this link