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Sunday, July 8, 2012

San Diego Flash Record Washed Out in Storms Victory


Storm washes out San Diego in a Flash

 Santa Clarita, Ca. - If you looked at the game on paper it's understandable why some made predictions
 For One : Its was a do or die match for the Storm who with a 7-3-3 record
Opponent:: San Diego Flash  with an undefeated record of 11-2-0 best record in the National Premier Soccer league,
Record facing the Flash:.  2011 lost both times facing them one score was 8-1 2012 lost 3-0 in San Diego
 I know where I would of put my money, but everyone must play the 90 minute game before anything is finial.
Things change and change they did, for the Storm it was a couple of different factors, one a new keeper in the net with college experience. Steven Rodriguez has done an excellent job for the storm and got them this far. However with the pressure increasing in a match such as this, Head Coach Jose Meza  choose to go with our number 2 keeper Alex Burkevics  who has college experience and has playoff experience as well.
Martin Galvan Forward
Second change was a healthy Tyler Coombes back and healthy after receiving an injury in the match with the Rangers that has sideline him. Also the return of Jose Ruesga and Robert Hill who both where sitting out because of red card violations. And to secure the midfield Matt Shaxton was healthy after a heel injury suffered in the match two weeks ago with the San Diego Boca.  the return of a few key players brought an unexpected and confidante Flash team a fight. It was in the 26th minute of play when the Storms Midfielder Richard Galvan had possession of the ball and seen an open forward his brother Martin Galvan and slipped a nice little short pass to his feet and Martin  put his foot to it and  kick a through ball shot right passed the keeper to put the Storm on top. Fired up the Storm kept building until 11 minutes later in the 37th minute
Martin Galvan with the ball again but this time seen his counter part on top Tyler Coombes coming up the side and with a pass Coombes took it on the run and with no one but the keeper to stop him on a one on one Coombes made a quick move and shot it pass Nick Harpel the Flash Keeper.
Now with a two goal lead on the division leaders the Storm just kept building and then just 11 minutes later again in the 48th minute of play thunder struck and lightening in the name of Alex Harley  was on the receiving end of yet another pass from Martin Galvan playing out wide Harlley found himself all alone when he received the pass and like the wind took off and again keeper Harpel was alone and facing yet another one on  one that ended the same way and now three goals up at the end of the first half.
    Second half the Storm knew what happen the week before when the Rangers where up on the Flash by one the Flash came back and in a Flash picked up 5 unanswered goals for the comeback win.
Alex Burkevics  player of the match
Well they came out with a purpose the Flash did as they put on more pressure on the Storms midfield and defense. The Storm held solid until seven minutes in the half a foul on the Flash and in the box so a plenty kick was awarded and the lead was cut to only two. For the next 32minutes the Flash has multiple opportunities but to this point all where turned away on some beautiful saves performed by Storms keeper Alex Burkevics. Then in the 84th minute Flash's Ortiz  delivering a corner kick and  midfielder off the bench Jon Sawyer picked it up and sent it pass Burkevics to put his team back in the game and with in only one. the Flash really put the pressure on with over 20 shots in the game most in the second half kept the Storm backed up and defending and in the 88th minute the pressure paid off and Flash's Ortiz already with an assist, took the gall in midfield and  tied the game for the flash.
Tyler Coombes point leader
No heads down in the Storm camp, even with losing a three goal advantage they fought back with pressure of there own. With only a minute to play the Storm knew a tie was not good enough when forward Wayne Lampart, who came in off the bench for Martin Galvan laid a pas to Coombes who found him self alone again and on a breakaway for the third time that night keeper Harpel found himself on the wrong end of  a one on one and Coombes the point leader for the Storm carried his team to the finial minute as he beat Harpel and applied the game winner to the back of the net. the Flash  had a few last minute shots on target but Player of the game keeper Alex Burkevics was not allowing any more pass him, and they didn't.   With the 4-3 win the Storm will now travel to face the First place team in the North the Bay Area Ambassadors in a single game elimination game to play the winners in the south for the Western Regional Championship and will represent the West in the National Championship to be held July 26-29th in San Diego, California.

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