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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Storm Subsides to a 5 - 2 Loss

Prue-paring for the line before the game
Los Angeles,California - For the first time thus far, the Storm found themselves with an unbalanced roster traveling with eight forwards, eight midfielders, three defenders and only one keeper forcing some players to play out of position in an effort to fill in the missing positions. The game started with equal procession control
of the ball., until the 18th minute of play when Sporting FC cracked open the defense of the Storm earning themselves a breakaway and put their first goal into the back of net. However, no more than three minutes later Sporting FC came back into the Storms defensive third and off of a cross that was nicely placed to a
charging forward who volleyed the ball to collect the second goal of the game for Santa Monica.      
   It was the Storm's turn as no more than twelve minutes later on
a restart from a foul about twenty-two yards out of the Sporting F.C
defensive zone, captain Matt Shaxton took the kick and placed it nicely past the both the defensive wall and the keeper to put his team within one. That is how the first half ended with
Sporting F.C having a 2-1 lead.
   The Second half came out with the storm defense showing signs of fatigue. The Sporting FC took advantage of that in just the 53rd minute doing as they had all night putting together a series of crosses to quickly regain a two goal advantage.
The Storm made a great effort to stay in the game as Tyler Coombes dug deep and took possession of the ball about 25 yards out busting though two defenders creating a break away slotting the ball past the keeper at the far post and put the Storm with in one again in a 3-2 battle in L.A..   Unfortunately that seemed to be all that was left for the Storm's defense with only two defenders and two forwards holding the back line together, the fatigue really set in and the Sporting FC put forth an attack that the Storm could not weather as the Sporting FC put two more on the board before the final whistle that ended the game in a 5-2 loss for the Storm.

       keep checking back for next weeks schedule that should be out  soon.

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